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Titanium Dioxide TiO2 for Paper making

1, paper packing (accounting for 5-40% of paper weight)

Pre-dispersed → water-based suspension

Fill in the slurry to add the measurement, mixed evenly

Keep forming → retention, dehydration, dry

2, paper pigments (coated paint pigment 5-15%)

Preparation of paint → ingredients, dispersion (alkaline, high shear, high solid content)

Surface finishing → purification, measurement, coating

Drying → drying, finishing, processing

Titanium Dioxide TiO2 is mainly used in the paper varieties

  • Non-coated coating
  • Decorative base paper
  • Label paper
  • Dictionary Paper
  • OW Quantitative Coated Paper
  • Aeronautical letter (envelope)
  • paper coated cardboard
  • Anti-oil paper
  • Baptist paper
  • Thin wrapping paper

1, plain paper: the production can be used in the form of solid powder or slurry into the uncoated anatase or rutile titanium dioxide. Whether using uncoated anatase or rutile, the key performance requirement is good dispersion in water, coarse particles, and good adhesion in paper.

2, non-calendering fiber-free paper: non-calendering fiber-free paper, is used for letters, business and photocopying of high-level paper. (<5%.) The main performance requirements are opacity, brightness, adhesion, optical brightness coefficient and abrasion (cutting paper).

3, calendering without fiber paper: Calendering fiber-free paper is mainly used for high-end magazines and advertising purposes, the use of titanium white pulp-based, and capsule. The main performance requirements are opacity, brightness and coloring rate

4, calendered wood pulp paper: calendered wood pulp paper is mainly used for samples (mail orders and those inside the newspaper propaganda paper) and general magazine publications. Titanium dioxide is mainly used for the coating of these products. Base paper opacity and brightness are quite low, the use of titanium dioxide can improve the opacity and brightness characteristics. In this application, titanium dioxide mainly provides opacity and brightness.

5, coated cardboard: coated paperboard is a rigid thin cardboard, for packaging purposes such as small boxes. Titanium dioxide is used only for the surface of these products. Due to the very low brightness of the original cardboard, the amount of titanium dioxide used is high (> 20%). The opacity of the coating to cover the original cardboard is the most important performance requirement.

6, bleached cardboard: the purpose of bleached cardboard for the production of cardboard, paper cups and folding cardboard boxes for liquid and solid packaging. Titanium dioxide for cardboard coating, the amount is lower than the coated paperboard, the main performance requirements for titanium dioxide for the brightness and color.

7, laminated paper: laminated paper is mainly used for furniture and flooring, this time titanium dioxide in the form of slurry used, the amount of more than 20% of the main performance requirements of titanium dioxide, including opacity, gloss retention, color and adhesion

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