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Titanium Dioxide Color
Known as a kind of white pigment with best property in the world, titanium dioxide( the chemical formula is TiO2) is amphoteric oxide with white solid or powder. Its formula weight is 79.83 which is a white and inorganic pigment, having the properties of non-toxic and best opaqueness, best whiteness and brightness. There are three kinds of crystalline in nature, among which the first is brookite type. Because the brookite type is not stable, it has no utility value in industry. The second is

titanium dioxide anatase, referred as A, and the third is rutile, called as R, both of which have stable crystal lattices so they are the first choice for the important white pigment and glaze of porcelain. The adhesion of titanium dioxide is strong and it is not easy to have chemical change so it is always white. Compared with other white pigment, Tio2 pigment has excellent performance and stable chemical properties in whiteness, coloring power, covering power, weather fastness and heat resistance. In addition, Tio2 itself is nontoxic, so it occupies a larger share in the industries like ink, paints, oil color and paper ,enjoying an honor as“ king of white. It has high melting point so it is used to manufacture fire-retarding glazing, glaze, enamel, argil and experimental utensils with thermostability.

It is inseparable from its extremely strong optical property and pigment property so that titanium dioxide is widely used( especially compared with other similar products). The specific forms of optical property is pigment property which refers to many factors mainly including covering power, reducing power, gloss, dispersion and weather resistance. It is because of the effect of these factors that “ whitening” effect can be stronger.

When it comes to titanium dioxide, we have to mention other products which have the same properties but somehow lower than it. In our daily life, we will use many similar products like zinc oxide, alkaline lead carbonate, zinc sulfide and talcum powder. Even though we apply them in many aspects, the advantage of titanium dioxide is obvious.
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