Hangzhou Harmony Chemical Co.,Ltd
Why Choose Us
1.Research & Technology
Research and development plays a critical role in Harmony Chemical’s strategy of maintaining leading position in China Titanium Dioxide industry. With dedicated, we have our own laboratory, testing centers and advanced production facilities. Our technicians continuously strive to develop new ways to improve production efficiency and strive to meet the ever-changing requirements of our customers throughout the world.

2.Harmony Chemical invest on Titanium concentrate
For the implementation of "develop titanium chain" strategy, we founded Ruimeng Mining Co., Ltd in 2007, which annual capacity is 40,000 tons titanium concentrate per year from our own mine at present. Invest on Titanium concentrate reduce our reply on raw materials and is one key factor for stable cost control.

3.Vision, Mission & Values
HMC dedicated to create a cleaner and brighter world to our next generations. HMC values social responsibility, caring community, collaborative spirit, working passionate and professionals.

4.Code of business conduct
HMC strive for safety, health and environmental performance to be exemplary. We are committed to making continuous and sustainable improvements in the management of our environmental impact and to improving the overall welfare of the environment.  We conduct business ethically and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We are committed to a positive, constructive working environment, which is essential for long-term productivity.
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