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Anatase Grade

Anatase grade titanium dioxide is a kind of good white powder pigment with good light scattering resistance and stable chemical properties. It performs excellent in light resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance. It  has strong covering power and dispersion, but the performance of weather resistance is not as good as rutile type. It’s widely used in many industrial fields like coating, plastic, papermaking and printing ink.
  • Anatase Titanium Dioxide A-201Anatase Titanium Dioxide A-201July 3, 2017Product CharacteristicsAnatase tio2 A-201 is a Anatase titanium dioxide produced by sulphate process. It’s endowed with excellent pigment properties in design,a blue undertone,color consistency,high ...view
  • Anatase Titanium Dioxide A-200Anatase Titanium Dioxide A-200July 3, 2017Product CharacteristicsAnatase tio2 A-200 is a Anatase titanium dioxide produced by sulphate process. With characters of even particle distribution, good dispersion, good whiteness, it has excellent p...view
  • Titanium Dioxide Anatase Type Fiber Grade SA-50Titanium Dioxide Anatase Type Fiber Grade SA-50July 3, 2017Product CharacteristicsTitanium dioxide Anatase Type Fiber Grade is white powder, insoluble in water, no toxicity, chemical performance stability, high tint reducing power and hiding power. It’s with...view
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