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The total amount of Global TiO2 Market Value will reach USD 31.19 billion in year 2022

According to consulting company Grand View Research latest research report analyzes, driven by increased specialty coatings and other consumer demand, global titanium dioxide market value will reach US dollars 31.19 billion in 2022, while the BRICS cosmetics market growth driven by consumer demand will become a driving force to titanium dioxide industry growth.

In 2014, global titanium dioxide market value is about $ 15.17 billion, of which the coatings industry is the largest consumer area, in 2014 the total consumption is about US dollars 8 billion, because of its excellent hiding power, titanium dioxide is mainly used for building interior wall paints, and for outdoors architectural coatings applications, TiO2 needs gloss and color retention as well as self-cleaning, anti-aging and other functions, titanium dioxide is the preferred pigment in the coatings industry because having opacity, outdoor aging resistance and acid-catalyzed coatings and coating film curing and other unique performance art, titanium dioxide also has been widely used.

During 2015—2022, the annual growth rate of consumption of titanium dioxide for plastic industry compound is about 4.5%, it will be a positive impact on the formation of titanium dioxide consumption for demand for plastic doors and windows in the future market.

For Asia and the Pacific during 2015 – 2022, compound annual growth rate of consumption of titanium dioxide (CAGR) of approximately 4%, while the market value is expected to reach 10% CAGR, the main consumer areas are coatings and paints, pulp and paper and other industries.

Europe is the second largest consumer of titanium dioxide market in 2014, the total value of over in the future market 4.3 billion, Britain, Germany, Italy and France and other countries will be the driving force of the future growth of titanium dioxide for the personal care market, especially ultrafine titanium dioxide innovation will create new space titanium dioxide used in personal care and cosmetic fields
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