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IE report of China TiO2 market
Although imports of TiO2 from Australia to China has increased enormously, imports in Feb. is still greatly reduced due to the following reasons. One reason is that the imports from the US (a major import origin) was down 50.69% month on month; the other reason is that some manufacturers used to purchase TiO2 from Mexico in Jan., stopped purchasing cost effective TiO2 from Mexico to China in Feb.

Changes in major TiO2 exporters to China

As a whole, the exports of top three manufacturers accounted for 71.16% of the total exports and remained unchanged. But the ranks (by volume) in Feb. 2014 changed. DuPont and IshiharaSangyo Kaisha, Ltd. (ISK) continued to maintain the position of top three. As Shanghai Sanchang Import and Export Co., Ltd. purchased 1,260 tonnes of TiO2 from Saudi Arabia based Cristal Global, Cristal Global jumped to the second place.
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