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The China International Coatings Exhibition (CHINACOAT 2023) will be held at the Shanghai New Intern
This exhibition can be said to be the largest in its history, with an exhibition area of 100000 square meters and a pre registered number of professional visitors of up to 50000. The top 50 domestic and foreign well-known coating manufacturers in the world gathered by the Huangpu River, showcasing the latest products, new technologies, and new trends in the coating industry. More than 10 professional docking forums covering real estate, old house renovation, steel structures, engineering airborne, and industrial coating were showcased. Industry experts interpret on-site and gain a one-stop understanding of the latest developments in the paint industry; Linkage between industry, academia, research and application, and precise promotion of new technology industrialization docking; Intelligent cloud exhibition, online and offline synchronous promotion; A strong media lineup assists and leads the industry's development. More than 500 exhibition companies, including well-known domestic and foreign coatings, raw materials, production equipment, coating equipment, quality supervision instruments, and universities engaged in industry, academia, and research, have gathered together.
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