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Titanium Dioxide Can Purify the Air
In recent years, the needs for titanium dioxide has been on the rise continuously in the world. With the continuous subdivision of global market of titanium dioxide, the market demand is increasing greatly. The commercial manufacturing of titanium dioxide began in the 1920s, and in 2007, there was a total of about 5 million 500 thousand tons of titanium dioxide produced in the world. As the catalyst of pigment of light coating, titanium dioxide is not only the detergent for environmental safety but it can play an important role in saving  energy and protect the environmental resources.

In early stage, Japanese and English scientists covered the surface of urban roads with titanium dioxide to clean the air on the road. Titanium dioxide can be mixed with asphalt to lessen the pollutant in the air. When the cars pass by, the concrete or asphalt containing titanium dioxide can purify the air, eliminating 25% to 45% of the nitrogen oxides in vehicle emissions. It still have a great impact on cleaning the air to coat the titanium dioxide on the concrete . Most experts in the industry express that titanium dioxide will do great work in cleaning the air of cities and building ecological cities.

The photochemical properties of semiconductor titanium dioxide have enabled it to be used in many fields, such as purification of air, water and fluid and so on. The photocatalyst mixed with carbon or other atoms can be also used in a sealed space or region with scattering light resources. When applied to the coatings of buildings, pedestrian rows, concrete walls or rood tiles, they can significantly increase the decomposition of air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, aromatics and aldehydes. Combined with super hydrophilicity of titanium dioxide's surface( it can make the water droplets spread into very thin films.), it is likely to offer many interesting applicable fields in the future. It can be easier to clean the correct coated walls, tiled floors, plastic products, glass or fabric surface, even it can achieve self-cleaning.

The oxidizing material—titanium dioxide is the white powder which is best white pigment, commonly called white titanium dioxide. Previously, people exploited the titanium ore for obtaining titanium dioxide. The adhesion of titanium white is so strong that it is difficult to have chemical change, and it is always white.

The preparation and manufacture of Titanium dioxide is through smashing, grinding the ore or slag containing titanium, and then removing the magnetic part with strong electric magnet. Then, it is further purified with the preparation of the aqueous suspension, and then separating them by sedimentation and flotation. This kind of titanium ore will be treated further by sulfuric acid method or chlorination process.
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