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Quality Control

Quality is the foundation of our company
Keeping quality stable is our main task and advantage. Harmony chemical has set up a strict and efficient quality control system.

Professional technical team:
We have our own high level of professional technical team, to monitor the stability of the quality, production and supply.

Advanced production and testing equipment:
Top production technology, advanced production equipment, many are imported foreign equipments, and precision testing equipment.

Raw material inspection

• All the raw materials must meet high quality standards as need before they can be included in the inventory list

Production process control

• A clear post description and detailed production record are required.
• Conducting real-time monitor of the production and regular sample test.
• Test the semi-finished product after production.

Finished product quality control
• Conducting sample test on finished product after production.
• Retaining samples for reinspection when packaging.

Application testing
•The Technology Center builds customer documents to regularly analyze the quality of deliverables.
• Inspection of shipping sample for suitable batch before shipments.
• Submit product stability analysis on a quarterly basis.

Re-check before shipment
•After goods are sent to the port warehouse, before shipment, samples department will confirm the quality and retain samples for reinspection.

Cyclic Production

quality control

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