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The price of titanium dioxide in Germany has risen by more than 30 percent since year of 2016, the c

According to the German Coatings Association survey, in nearly 250 enterprises, most companies because of raw material prices continue to rise, so that the paint business has been greatly affected, on the one hand raw material prices continued to rise, on the other hand, titanium dioxide products in tension supply is also the current problems faced by the German paint business.

Since the summer of 2016, the price of German titanium dioxide has risen more than 30%. With the increase in the price level, there have been some areas of titanium dioxide product in delivery difficulties. The price of other major raw materials rose too, and the total cost of solvent in the same period was rose about 15%.

And relative to the development of the German paint industry, the current domestic market price of titanium dioxide is in all the way up, the rate of increase reach to 70%, plus other raw material prices rose and environmental supervision increased the influence of the domestic paint business development.


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