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Titanium Dioxide is a white powder pigment, the main component is titanium dioxide, is an inert pigment, the chemical properties are very stable, it has the durability of zinc white and covering power of lead white. Because of its superior material properties, is recognized as the world's best performance of the white pigment. The biggest advantage of titanium dioxide is non-toxic harmless, will not cause any negative impact on the human body in the field of cosmetics, a variety of whitening products are mainly added whitening ingredients are zinc white and lead white, However, because the lead white contains heavy metal elements, if the long-term use, the skin will be dull and no more luster and more aging, to bring greater problems to the skin, but titanium dioxide is no such shortcomings, So the application of the titanium dioxide uses in cosmetics industry is increasing. It is used as a brightener in advanced cosmetics and has high coverage and high refractive index and is also used as a high-grade white paint. It can also be used as a surface covering agent for advanced coated paper and used to produce whitening nylon etc. Titanium dioxide on the UV absorption rate is extremely high, to prevent UV damage to human skin, at the same time, Titanium dioxide can be compatible with other raw materials in cosmetics, titanium dioxide added to the cosmetics than the general product will be more creamy, more adsorption, concealer effect is good.

cosmetic titanium dioxide

Therefore, titanium dioxide uses in cosmetics industry be widely used. Titanium dioxide for skin, titanium dioxide for soap etc . In our daily life, add titanium dioxide cosmetics are generally sunscreen skin care products, such as sunscreen, concealer cream etc, also includes beauty whitening products, such as mask, whitening cream, etc. There are makeup cosmetics, such as foundation, powder , Eye shadow, etc . In addition, some toothpaste, soap, shampoo also added titanium dioxide cosmetic grade .

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