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China tio2 supplier decline tio2 capacity since November,2017

Lomon billions is expected to stop limiting production to reduce titanium dioxide 30% production  since 15th Nov, do not rule out the possibility of price adjustment


Lomon billions November 9th evening announcement said the company Jiaozuo base of the limited production of 4 months is expected to reduce 20,000-24,000 tons of titanium dioxide production base in Deyang, the shutdowns are expected to reduce the production of 15 thousand tons of titanium dioxide. In summary, the company Jiaozuo base limited production and Deyang base production downtime is expected to reduce the company's titanium dioxide production 35000-39000 tons, titanium dioxide production decreased, the company according to the market supply and demand situation does not rule out the timely adjustment of product prices possible.

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