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Two common surface treatment methods of titanium dioxide

1. Organic treatment
At present, the use of pigments is more and more widely. In some coatings industry, color developing agent is often used. This kind of color developing agent is a new type of polymer, which requires higher dispersion of pigment. After inorganic treatment, we need to go through organic treatment. The purpose of this treatment is to make the pigment suitable for various occasions. These organic treatment agents are generally all kinds of surfactants and additives, and the time of adding them into the products is in the time of air grinding process.

Organic treatment is mainly to improve the wettability and dispersion of titanium dioxide surface, so we often use dispersants such as coupling agent, high fatty acid unsaturated silicone and other treatment agents, which are used better in recent years.

2. Inorganic treatment
Inorganic surface treatment is mainly to make a layer of inorganic hydrated oxide film on the surface of titanium dioxide. During the process of inorganic treatment, sol and gel are used, and precipitation occurs during the process of treatment. A thin film will be formed on the surface to block the defects of the crystal, which will improve the chemical properties of titanium dioxide and, above all, improve the dispersibility of titanium dioxide.

In the appropriate temperature, stirring and acid-base, we can carry out inorganic treatment, which is already a well dispersed slurry. In the process of treatment, we must control the temperature, stirring and concentration of titanium dioxide slurry, so that the effect of inorganic treatment can be revealed.

In the process of using these two different processes, it should be noted that different organic and inorganic treatments should be carried out for different purpos
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