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The price of titanium dioxide in China has risen again since December,2020, most of suppliers increa

The price of titanium dioxide in China has risen again, most of suppliers increase around RMB 700-1000/ton, USD100-150/ton, mainly because of the sharply increase in the price of raw materials titanium ore, sulfuric acid etc for the production of titanium dioxide, also be impacted by the COVID-19 virus epidemic, sea transportation is not as smooth as before, and the cabinet cannot go back and forth like before, containers in different seaports caused severe shortages, the skyrocketing sea freight has never been seen in history, all resulting in extremely high prices to customers, end-users .


In addition, the entire Chinese market of titanium dioxide is in a tight supply. Most of the manufacturers’ production plans have been scheduled to January or February of the next year 2021. And many tio2 factories  will have a 15 days  maintenance period, estimate the supply of titanium dioxide will keep the very tight supply in the short term.

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