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Masterbatch pigments can be divided into organic pigments (phthalocyanine green, etc.), inorganic pigments (iron oxide red,pigment titanium dioxide), dyes (reduced pink, scattered orange, etc.). General speaking,Polyolefin, PVC masterbatch are produced using titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide(Tio2) pigments because of its very good hiding power, usually as the first choice of color matching.

tio2 pigment in masterbatch

Why does tio2 pigment play an import role in masterbatch?

1.Excellent chemical stability

During production process, titanium dioxide mixed with resin,flux, not producing chemical reactions, strong fusion, heat resistance and so on.

2.Good temperature resistance

Masterbatch and plastic products are produced in high temperature. Due to good temperature resistance,during production,titanium dioxide will not decompose discoloration.

3.Excellent dispersion

Titanium dioxide’s good dispersion will affect the appearance of plastic products,if dispersion is not uneven,tio2 consumation being more and the production cost increases accordingly. n addition, the size of titanium dioxide particles also have a relationship with the dispersion, titanium particles smaller particles, the better the dispersion, color strength is relatively strong.

4.Excellent workability

When titanium dioxide is in under high melt index resin, it is also carried out smoothly in the production kneading and kneading process

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