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China titanium dioxide market trends goes weak in the July and August 2021
In early July, the mainstream price of titanium dioxide was generally weak. The off-season started and the operating rate of some manufacturers declined, and the execution price also declined slightly. The price market was more chaotic than before, and the downward restraint was strengthened. At the same time, it was more anxious than before. The actual inventory of large-scale manufacturers has not yet been established. The foreign trade orders in July are already full, and the volume to be shipped is 1-1.5 months output. From the perspective of large-scale manufacturers, it is enough to stabilize the market. Smaller manufacturers have seen lower shipments and higher inventories. This low and high has led to lack of market confidence.
The operating rate of some manufacturers in Panxi and other regions is not high. In the off-season situation, on the one hand, they can reduce their own inventory pressure, and on the other hand, give raw materials some time to go down. It is just that this weak trading atmosphere puts a lot of pressure on production costs. Including employee capital and bank loans.
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