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China titanium dioxide products will celebrate the rising sun

China titanium dioxide products will celebrate the rising sun

Low excess capacity, high-capacity became insufficient supply of the pattern of development of China's titanium dioxide industry at present, our country is still highly contaminated sulfuric acid process titanium dioxide-based, although there are some enterprises in the construction of titanium dioxide chloride process titanium dioxide production line, but not really put into production.

So just how effective our titanium dioxide industry development patterns of change that it?

2013 total titanium dioxide industry downturn, making it difficult to change this situation, mainly due to weak downstream product market, in previous years, the Spring Festival approaching downstream enterprises should make the point of shipment, but this year there is little downstream businesses stocking ideas.

The current industry overcapacity, fierce competition, especially severe overcapacity generic products, more than 80% of the production costs and the market price is almost the same, the larger companies in order to maintain profit.

China titanium dioxide products will usher into the rising sun.

With the tightening of environmental policy, the world economic recovery, downstream demand starts to add production capacity of implementation and Restructuring of the industry, and gradually promote corporate mergers and acquisitions, and in 2014 is expected to reproduce the titanium dioxide industry boom.

For now, 2013 was the bottom of the demand in recent years, after the rebound with the gradual recovery in the economic environment. Special paper titanium dioxide, food grade titanium dioxide, daily use of titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide and titanium dioxide coatings for high-end deep-processing products, will become a new growth point for the next period.

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