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North American third quarter tio2 contract price increase

Affected by upstream supply shortages and rising rutile and ilmenite prices, titanium dioxide prices in the third quarter of North America showed a slight increase. As the price of titanium dioxide products has risen, the price of titanium dioxide in the paper production market has also increased.


According to ICIS monitoring data, after the US domestic price increase of 1 to 3 cents per pound, the price of titanium dioxide has been pushed up to 1.60 / lb ~ 1.70 US dollars / lb FD free shipping. Although the market occupied the price in the third quarter, the price increase was not common in the free negotiation contract and the stable value of the producer Chemour. In the Ti-Pure value stabilization (TVS) strategic planning market, the price increase was not common. According to the Global Producer Price Index (PPI), Chemour adjusts its price every six months by achieving stable profits and reducing customer price volatility.


This year, paint production has decreased, followed by paint manufacturers' expectations. After a weak start to the year, at present, some of the terminal market's buying interest has improved slightly, but in other market segments, the buying interest is still less than the demand in 2018.

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