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Titanium Dioxide Synthesis
Gas Phase Oxidation:

Gas phase oxidation was carried out with dry oxygen at 923K-1023K:

TiCl4 + O2 = TiO2 + 2 cl2

Sulfuric Acid Method:

In the first place, the soluble sulfates were prepared by using the grinding of ilmenite and sulfuric acid (the concentration is greater than 80% and the temperature 343k-353k).

FeTiO3 + - H2SO4 = TiOSO4 + FeSO4 + 2 h2o

Since the reaction is exothermic, the temperature can be as high as 473K. When the titanium dioxide is made, the key point is to hydrolyze the titanium.

TiOSO4 + 2 H2O = TiO2 · H2O left + - H2SO4

The concentration and acidity of titanium liquid will affect the process of hydrolysis reaction. The smaller the concentration, the smaller the acidity, the higher the temperature, the more likely the reaction will occur. In order to raise the temperature, the reaction is often carried out under pressure, which can also make the precipitation particles more compact, so that the product has better physical properties.

Determination of Titanium Content in Titanium Dioxide

In the determination, we first add aluminum to the titanium liquid, and restore Ti (IV) to Ti3+, and Ti3+ is stronger than Sn2+, which can restore Fe3+. Therefore, KSCN was used as an indicator, and Ti3+ was titrated with standard Fe3+ solution. When titration is titrated, the Fe3+ ion is a little overdose, and the blood red [FeSCN]2+ is generated, and then it reaches the end of titration.

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