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India initiated anti-dumping investigation, and Chinese titanium dioxide enterprises actively respon

On March 28, the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued a notice saying that in response to the application submitted by Indian domestic enterprises, the anti-dumping investigation was launched on titanium dioxide originating in or imported from China, and the dumping investigation period was from October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023. This case involves products under Indian Customs Code 28230010 and some items 32061110 and 32061190.


It is known that India has surpassed the United States to become the country with the most anti-dumping investigations against China. Since 1995, India has launched 340 anti-dumping investigations against China, more than half of which occurred in the past decade.


India is the country with the highest number of anti-dumping investigations against China. Between 1995 and 2023, India has launched 336 anti-dumping investigations against China. From January to April 2024, India has carried out anti-dumping investigations on Chinese aluminum foil, decorative paper, PVC, titanium dioxide and other products.


The global supply of titanium dioxide is mainly from China, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries. China's titanium dioxide production capacity accounts for 55% of the world, reaching 5.646 million tons.


According to statistics, in 2023, China's titanium dioxide production reached a record high of 4.203 million tons. In 2023, the total annual export of titanium dioxide was about 1,641,800 tons, an increase of 16.75%, and the export volume reached a new high.


In 2023, China exported 39,100 tons of titanium dioxide to India, more than India's largest state-owned enterprise Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd. 10 percent more capacity.


On April 15, 2024, from the China Coating Industry Association titanium dioxide industry Branch (referred to as titanium dioxide branch) secretariat news, in response to India recently launched anti-dumping investigation on China's titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide branch has organized more than 20 titanium dioxide leading enterprises, completed the Indian anti-dumping industry without damage defense to respond to the preliminary work.

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