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The supply of overseas titanium dioxide market is concentrated and the pattern is orderly

The supply of the overseas titanium dioxide market is concentrated, and the overall pattern remains stable. The four major companies ( Chemours, Tronox, Kronos, and Venator, hereinafter referred to as the "Big Four") account for 42.2% of the total global production capacity. In April 2019, Tronox announced that it had completed the acquisition of Cristal's titanium dioxide business (except for the divestment of Cristal 's North American business to INEOS Enterprises, a subsidiary of INEOS). After the completion of the transaction, Tronox's production capacity jumped from 465,000 tons/year to 1.078 million tons/year, becoming the second manufacturer in the industry in one fell swoop, greatly reducing the capacity gap with the industry's No. 1 Chemours (currently 1.25 million tons/year). According to the 2020 annual report, the four major companies have no plans to expand their production capacity for the time being.

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