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The domestic sales of TiO2 do not improve while the export sales see increases
"According to statistics of CCM, in May 2014, exports of China’s TiO2 manufacturers recorded high. However, affected by the downturn of downstream market, imports remained weak. In July, the domestic sales of TiO2 do not improve while the export sales see increases. Also, price of TiO2 encounters slight increase but still remains at low level.
Nevertheless, due to the downturn of titanium slag market, transaction prices of acid dissolved titanium slag and high titanium slag falls back again.

What’s more, the future development of real estate market will stimulate the demand for coating so as to drive the capacity expansion; however, since sulfuric acid process is still be used in TiO2 production in China, low-end overcapacity will be caused to some extent. Meantime, TiO2 enterprises will keep facing huge environmental pressure because of serious three wastes emission from sulfuric acid process.

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