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Application of Titanium Dioxide in Water-based latex paint
Titanium Dioxide is a white powder pigment of good quality, which has advantages of good light scattering ability, good whiteness, high tinting strength, and  strong covering power, at the same time it is non-toxic and tasteless, and has high chemical stability and good weather resistance.  It has been widely used in coatings, plastics, chemical fiber, rubber, cosmetics, environmental treatment, pharmaceutical processing and food hygiene. The application amount of coating is the largest, titanium dioxide in paint industry accounting for about 60% of the total output of titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is an important part of water-based latex paint, not only giving the coated surface bright and white color, but also improving the coating performance in mechanical strength and corrosion resistance to reduce the permeability and water permeability. It plays a key role in the functionalization of latex paint.

With the increasing concern about the environment, water-based environmental protection coatings are popular, which greatly promoted the progress of water-based environmental architectural coatings represented by latex paint. As an important raw material for coating production, the performance of Titanium dioxide will directly affect the performance of water-based paint. 

Latex paint, also known as synthetic resin emulsion paint, is a kind of organic coating. It is a kind of water-based paint prepared by adding pigment, filler and various additives to the base stock of synthetic resin emulsion. Any coating that uses water as solvent or dispersible medium can be called water-based coating. Water-based coatings include water-soluble coatings, water dilutable coatings and water dispersion coatings. Architectural latex paint takes water as a dispersion medium, thus avoiding the personal injury and environmental pollution caused by the volatilization of organic solvents and toxic gases when coating application, and at the same time fundamentally eliminating the danger of fire. The construction method of latex coating is simple, and it can brush, roll besmear, or spray. It 's convenient and fast to clean construction equipment with water with no organic solvent emissions and less environmental pollution. Since the birth, water-based paint has been developed rapidly, and the output of latex paint is now about 50% of total coating output. One kind of water-base coating, latex coating is one of the widest used decoration material of wall at present. Due to water as solvent of coating, it can be said that the latex coating is the most safe material  among so many coatings.

Water-based latex coating is also the only coating product which can reach the "green building materials" in China because it has no environment pollution.   It is a kind of architectural paint that should be supported and developed vigorously.
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