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TiO2 Trend in Year 2017
Recently, the relevant state agencies announced the 2016 titanium dioxide production. According to the National Chemical Industry Productivity Promotion Center Titanium Dioxide Center and the titanium dioxide industry technology innovation strategic alliance secretariat, 39 to maintain the normal production scale above the full-scale titanium dioxide production enterprises statistics: 2016, 39 enterprises Titanium dioxide production totaled 2597212 tons, compared to 2323012 tons in 2015 increased by 274199 tons, an increase of 11.8%, another record high.

As we all know, 2016 titanium dioxide prices all the way soaring. According to the data show that the beginning of 2016 rutile titanium dioxide factory price of 9900 yuan / ton, experienced 13 large-scale rise, in the end of 2016 rutile titanium dioxide factory price has been to 16,800 yuan / ton, Up nearly 70%. There is still no slowdown after entering 2017. Take the domestic market to take the larger amount of sulfuric acid rutile titanium dioxide, for example, in early January 2017 the average offer for the 15970 yuan / ton, while the average price at the end of the month was 16770 yuan / ton, or 5.01%.

Still remember that in the previous year, that is, in year 2015, titanium dioxide production, was only 232.3 million tons, compared with 243.5 million tons in 2014 decreased by 112,000 tons, down 4.6% year on year, year 2017 became the "China titanium dioxide industry after first production decline in 2015 for 17 years. " And now in the "to the production capacity," the background, the country's titanium dioxide production has increased the phenomenon of 2016, 25.97 million tons compared to 2015 production increased by 270,000 tons, an increase of 11.8% hit a record high. From the "first decline in production" to "high growth rate of production", China crazy titanium dioxide market is like a roller coaster in general, ups and downs people heart rate.

In fact, it is precisely because the price of titanium dioxide in 2016 continued soaring, forming a downstream market demand pull, which in turn led to the continued expansion of upstream production. In 2015, the face of the phenomenon of titanium dioxide straight down, the major titanium dioxide giant is the opposite of it, tighten production capacity, making the titanium dioxide industry for the first time in 17 years, the industry's total output decline.

Titanium dioxide in 2016 to achieve continuous counterattack, is generally considered to be the result of several reasons combined effect. For example, in the past few years, the price of titanium dioxide can be said to have bottomed out, and its raw material cost prices are rising, so the titanium dioxide business will undoubtedly have a strong price increase. Crude oil prices stabilized rebound, titanium dioxide in the domestic terminal and the export volume is also greatly enhance the price has played a hand. In addition, many people also believe that the price of titanium dioxide can not be separated from the supply side of the production and other deliberate operation.

Whatever the reason, today's review of 2016 titanium dioxide production and price movements, it is no exaggeration to say that really let the paint people feel "shocking." Since 2017, titanium dioxide in the first month is still no slowdown in rally, sulfuric acid rutile titanium dioxide in January 17 and achieved a 5.01% price increase. It is conceivable that, due to the current titanium dioxide exports to maintain a good momentum, the terminal real estate industry has maintained a good inertia, with the supply side of the reform, industry consolidation and integration process to accelerate the continuous recovery of the terminal industry, titanium dioxide is still rising space.

How will tio2 price go? How will the raw material affect the tio2 industry? And how will the tio2 industry affect the downstream industry? Let’s wait and see.
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