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Believe most of the importers for China Tio2 have felt the price-up tendency with past continuous months. It is getting harder to have new order with much more lower price any more from first level China Tio2 manufacturers since entering Aug. With low-price running of ilmenite supplying, which is the main and occupying over 50% total materials during Tio2 producing since beginning of 2009, the recent price increasing seems less convinced, especially under the situation of over capacity of Tio2 supplying worldwide at present. Actually, below two more elements should be taken into account while considering China Tio2 besides other production materials.

Capital of Manufacturer---This is key point to determin the future and production cost of one manufacturer. China Tio2 (What I mean is qualified export products) got market share is normally by competitive cost and workable products. Experienced the booming & down period since 2008 till end of 2013, the more sufficient on capital, the more powerful for development and cost control.

Environment Protection--- As heavy polluted industry, Sulphate process Tio2 production is now under very strictly monitoring & control by Govt Environmental Protection Law. The cost on production wasts dealing with is no doubt an important factor for final Tio2 price increasing. Any manufacturer less or even without capability of dealing with production wasts properly would have to be heavy fined or closed. Believe there would be more small or even middle-sized manufacturers would be vanished in following couple of years.

For all first level China Tio2 manufacturers, both above two factors are unavoidable while price determing, and also affect further development. With more strict demand on environmental protection and Tio2 upgrade in near future, the cost of China Tio2 would finally stable at a reasonable cost, which is also helpful for long-terms cooperation with importers worldwide.
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