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Application of Tio2 for Paper
Papermaking is the third largest user of titanium dioxide industry. Low-grade paper generally does not use titanium dioxide as raw materials because of the production cost. They mainly use china clay, talcum, calcium carbonate as papermaking raw materials, which reduce the strength of paper and increase the weight of paper. But the decorative paper, Bible paper, and paper money such as dictionaries, posters, magazine covers, computers, money, copier paper and decorative paper must use titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide ensures a good whiteness as well as excellent strength, luster, smoothness and non penetration of the paper. Under the same condition, the opacity of paper made with titanium dioxide is 10 times higher than those made of calcium carbonate and talcum powder, with the weight lighter by 1530.

Titanium dioxide paper is mainly used as raw materials in the production of furniture, flooring and wallpapers. For the paper that has anti-aging requirement, rutile titanium dioxide must be used. Rutile is used in high-ash paper and the high-ash paper must use rutile, because the opacity of anatase titanium dioxide does not meet the requirement of anti-aging. Anatase titanium dioxide is used in low-ash paper, such as Bible paper and paper money. Bible paper requires good opacity of paper, so generally anatase titanium dioxide can satisfy the need. Paper money requires the same trait of paper as Bible paper, so anatase titanium dioxide is commonly used. The amount of titanium dioxide used in the domestic decorative paper is much higher than the above-mentioned two varieties, which is determined by the consumption level of our country.
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