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PPG Industries' industrial coatings business has introduced POWERCRON EPIC electrocoats (e-coats), a line of next-generation, cationic-epoxy products that will be used for the first time in North America by MetoKote Corp., Lima, Ohio, a key PPG partner.
Powercron EPIC e-coats offer several performance and environmental advantages over competing products because they are formulated with metal-free catalyst technology developed and patented by PPG.
Powercron EPIC e-coats cure at temperatures as low as 320 F, compared to 350-375 F for existing cationic-epoxy e-coat products, which enables manufacturers to reduce energy costs and related carbon emissions. They also can achieve more uniform film builds on complex parts because of the coatings' improved throwpower.

The metal-free catalyst technology also enables Powercron EPIC e-coats to be formulated without tin, bismuth and other heavy-metal-based compounds. As a result they will comply with emerging regulatory trends, such as new REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical Substances) mandates in the European Union that will restrict the use of certain tin-based compounds beginning in January 2015.

John Shaffer, PPG product manager, electrocoat, said, "Global reserves of bismuth are uncertain, and other heavy-metal compounds are increasingly subject to restrictive environmental mandates. Powercron EPIC e-coats will help manufacturers comply with evolving global environmental standards, protect them from cost volatility and enable them to manufacture products more efficiently."

Joe Tirado, MetoKote global director, technology and quality, said his company is pleased to partner with PPG on the launch of Powercron EPIC e-coats. "We believe these e-coats represent a new generation of coatings solutions that will help global manufacturers maintain compliance with global environmental standards while providing them with the excellent corrosion protection and finish quality they have come to expect from PPG products."

As one of the world's largest coatings manufacturers, PPG offers a comprehensive array of electrocoat, pretreatment, liquid and powder products for metal finishing to manufacturers in numerous industries. In addition to providing a broad range of industrial coatings and a full spectrum of color choices, PPG backs its products with industry-leading technical expertise delivered through an international customer support network. With 50 years of experience in e-coat, PPG offers solutions to some of the industry's toughest corrosion challenges.
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