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Cristal Invests $64 Million To Expand Its Ashtabula, Ohio, Production Facilities

Date: Nov 12, 2013

Venue: King Wing hotel, Beijing China


Sponsored by: Titanium Dioxide Branch of CNCIA


(i) to understand and interpret national policies about TiO2 industry;

(ii) to analyze TiO2 market development trends and relevant data about downstream and upstream industries;

(iii) to discuss how to utilize titanium gypsum from the production of sulphate-process TiO2

Key Topics:

For an internationally competitive China TiO2 Industry

Interpretation of TiO2 Industry Access Conditions (Revised edition )

Interpretation of Control Policy of TiO2 industry (Draft Submitting for Approval)

Case Study on CNNC Hua Yuan’s trusteeship and operation

2013 China TiO2 industry development situation & trend assessment

2013 China TiO2 market operations in e-commerce age

Global gypsum building materials development situation and application of titanium gypsum in building materials market

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