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  • Titanium Dioxide ColorTitanium Dioxide ColorJanuary 22, 2018Known as a kind of white pigment with best property in the world, titanium dioxide( the chemical formula is TiO2) is amphoteric oxide with white solid or powder. Its formula weight is 79.83 which is a...view
  • Titanium Dioxide Refractive IndexTitanium Dioxide Refractive IndexJanuary 22, 2018The refractivity is also known as the refraction index. The greater the refractive index difference between the two media is, the more significant the masking effect is.The titanium dioxide has the la...view
  • Application of Tio2 for PaperApplication of Tio2 for PaperJanuary 15, 2018Papermaking is the third largest user of titanium dioxide industry. Low-grade paper generally does not use titanium dioxide as raw materials because of the production cost. They mainly use china clay,...view
  • Application of Titanium Dioxide in PlasticsApplication of Titanium Dioxide in PlasticsJanuary 14, 2018The plastic industry is the second largest user of titanium dioxide. Generally, the consumption of titanium dioxide in the plastic field accounts for 20% of the consumption of titanium dioxide in the ...view
  • Application of Titanium Dioxide in Water-based latex paintApplication of Titanium Dioxide in Water-based latex paintJanuary 12, 2018Titanium Dioxide is a white powder pigment of good quality, which has advantages of good light scattering ability, good whiteness, high tinting strength, and strong covering power, at the same time i...view
  • Method of Improving the Whiteness of Titanium Dioxide during ProductionMethod of Improving the Whiteness of Titanium Dioxide during ProductionJanuary 12, 2018It is expected that the whiteness of titanium dioxide could be higher during the process of both production and customer using. According to the empirical analysis, when the whiteness of the titanium...view
  • Titanium Dioxide Can Purify the AirTitanium Dioxide Can Purify the AirJanuary 11, 2018In recent years, the needs for titanium dioxide has been on the rise continuously in the world. With the continuous subdivision of global market of titanium dioxide, the market demand is increasing gr...view
  • Ultra-fine or Nano Grade Titanium DioxideUltra-fine or Nano Grade Titanium DioxideJanuary 10, 2018Pure titanium dioxide is a kinds of fine white powder that provides bright white pigments. Titanium dioxide has been used a whole century in many industrial and consumer products including paints, coa...view
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