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PPG Receives Clearcoat Approvals from Chrysler
Chrysler Group LLC has given its approval for use of PPG’s innovative clearcoat products for warranty repairs on all Chrysler vehicles. The approved PPG clearcoats are ENVIROBASE® High Performance EC800 Ultra Fast 2.1 Clearcoat, DELTRON® DC2000 Ultra Velocity Clearcoat and NEXA AUTOCOLOR® P190-6800 HS Express Clearcoat. Extensive testing has affirmed the three clearcoats’ key attributes: quick drying, no flash time between coats, no baking and the ability to polish within approximately 30 minutes of application. With their reduced cycle times, the clearcoats can improve productivity, increase efficiency and cut energy costs while still delivering outstanding gloss, appearance and durability. “We are very satisfied with the performance of these premium PPG clearcoats and very comfortable giving our approval for their use,” said a Chrysler spokesperson. “The clearcoats are user-friendly, which our dealers’ collision center staffs will welcome, and the end result—an exceptional appearance—is something our customers will appreciate. PPG is helping us provide the high-quality finishes we expect our vehicles to display.” EC800 Ultra Fast 2.1 Clearcoat is part of the PPG Envirobase High Performancewaterborne system and is also a 2.1 VOC air-dry clearcoat. P190-6800 HS Express Clearcoat is a 2.1 VOC air-dry compliant clearcoat designed for use with the PPG AQUABASE® Plus waterborne refinish system. Deltron DC2000 Ultra Velocity Clearcoat is a versatile clearcoat suitable for use with the Deltron DBC, GLOBAL REFINISH SYSTEM® and Envirobase High Performance basecoats.
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